It is quite possible to recognize a letter bomb, powder letter or bomb package as such. The poster that we make available free of charge can help you enormously. But the effective use of the poster also depends of course on more knowledge about the different forms of harmful components that can be used, the limitations of parcels that the perpetrator faces, what exactly is and is not wise to do. But perhaps the most important thing is to be able to further verify a piece previously identified as suspicious in order to determine the threat definitively or to scale it down.

Recognizing suspicious postal items and how to deal with improvised explosives or suspicious items can be learned. I would like to make my many years of experience as a training expert and instructor at the EODD school of the Ministry of Defense available so that others also learn to deal with this great risk better. We are also open to developing tailor-made training for specific situations..

Cocoon risk management, Michel de Bruijn

Please note: the link to our registration module for the various courses is not yet active. If you are interested in a training, you can also just send us a message by calling. Contact information can be found via this link.

Training 1

Recognize suspicious postal items

Learn how to recognize a letter bomb before bringing it into the organization and causing significant damage. You will also learn exactly what to do once a package is suspect. This training is intended for the so-called ‘first line of response’.

Training 2

Suspicious mail items at high risk locations

Bom threats are a real risk in the high risk sector, but also in other specific sectors and events. In this training, we will go deeper into the content of a bomb package, the method and motivation of perpetrators of attacks and determining measures in the event of incidents.

Training 3

Managing a bomb threat

This training is intended for managers of the ‘first responders’. Writing policy, internal and external communication, calculating a safe distance and implementing risk mitigation measures are all discussed in this training for managers.

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Information on letter bombs

A letter bomb is an improvised explosive device (IED) that looks like a normal package or letter. Such a threatening letter can also contain a bullet, a biological or chemical substance, radiation or a cyber bomb.

Letter bomb attacks are intended to kill, injure or intimidate addressees. Sending a letter bomb is a form of terrorism. A cyber bomb is an exception, it is intended to attack the company from the inside.