PEN Testing

A poster, a training and a good policy are of course of great importance to keep the effect of a bomb letter, bomb package or bomb threat limited. However, such situations are not so common that employees remain permanently alert and gain experience through practical situations.

It is therefore important to keep people on the one hand, but also to train them. The easiest way to do this is to practice a bomb threat regularly. Complete with exercise material, no play procedures and cooperation from authorities.

We ensure that nothing can go wrong. We make clear agreements with authorities, ensure that the right people and departments within your own organization are informed and place a fake package, together with you, somewhere in the incoming mail.

If the employees are well trained, they will not panic, but will realize in good time that it is an exercise and act in accordance with the policy and operational procedures.

Another experience richer and a bit better prepared for a real incident. But above all, a little more self-confidence again!



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Information on letter bombs

A letter bomb is an improvised explosive device (IED) that looks like a normal package or letter. Such a threatening letter can also contain a bullet, a biological or chemical substance, radiation or a cyber bomb
Letter bomb attacks are intended to kill, injure or intimidate addressees. Sending a letter bomb is a form of terrorism. A cyber bomb is an exception, it is intended to hack the company from the inside.