Services of Cocoon

Cocoon risk management has been providing practical solutions in the field of Safety, Security & Design since 2000. We think along, analyze your risks and provide you with professional, well-founded advice.
We also specialize in analyzing terror-related risks and identifying and dealing with improvised explosives. Due to the increasing demand for help from the business community, we have joined forces with several partners and external experts and made them visible through this website.
We have developed the following three services specifically for the risk of letter bombs and parcels.


A letter bomb or powder letter, or even its threat, can have a huge impact on business continuity or the integrity of your organization. We can help you with a solid policy.

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It is possible to recognize a letter bomb, powder letter or bomb package as such. We can educate and train your employees.

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Red Teaming

A poster, a training and a good policy are of course very important to limit the effect of a bomb letter, bomb package or bomb threat. However, such situations are not so common that employees remain permanently alert and gain experience through practical situations. Red teaming wil!

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Information on letter bombs

A letter bomb is an improvised explosive device (IED) that looks like a normal package or letter. Such a threatening letter can also contain a bullet, a biological or chemical substance, radiation or a cyber bomb.
Letter bomb attacks are intended to kill, injure or intimidate addressees. Sending a letter bomb is a form of terrorism. A cyber bomb is an exception, it is intended to attack company from the inside.