Mailsafe Bomb Box



Mailsafe units are high specification blast containers for the safe indoor containment of small improvised explosive and incendiary devices and letterbombs and for the safe transportation of suspicious mail and bags.

By safely isolating  the suspect device, evacuation can be completed from the immediate area without undue risk.  Should the device detonate in  the Mailsafe, damage to personnel and property in the vicinity of the unit will be significantly reduced or eliminated.

The Mailsafe 100 and 110 blast containers are used by police forces, airports and at high security locations to isolate items identified during handbaggage search operations and in postal offices and office mailrooms for isolation of suspicious packages and postal IEDs.

Unlike traditional Bomb Container Bins that direct the force of a blast upwards, Mailsafe will internally contain the explosive pressure.  This means it can be used safely in an ordinary office environment and stored away under most office desks or next to your x-ray machine when not in use.

Units can be top or front/side opening and are constructed to allow the penetration of x-rays should a bomb squad investigation team need to be called.

The new Mailsafe 200 uses all the proven elements of the established Mailsafe 100 range in a larger form. 



Dimensions: 680 (w)  x 680 (d) x 720 (h) mm



Front/Side Opening Door – Mailsafe 100
Top Opening Door – Mailsafe 110