Poster printed on Dibond or Forex


Poster a3

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The poster is standard available in A3 or A4 format on a sturdy Dibond or Forex plate.
The plates are supplied with chrome spacers (see image) and shipped free of charge.

If you want multiple copies, this has a positive effect on the price.
We will send you a quote based on the number you enter.

What is Dibond
Dibond is a 3mm thick plate and consists of 90% plastic, with a thin layer of aluminum on top.
In fact, it is a sandwich of two layers of aluminum with a plastic filling in between.
This sheet is very strong, colourfast and can also be used outdoors.

What is Forex
Forex is a sturdy sheet material, but just a little less strong than Dibond.
The base is white in color and very light. You could compare it to styrofoam, but forex has a nice, hard and smooth top layer.
The poster is finished with a satin gloss that does not reflect.

Additional information

Material and print size

Dibold A2 size, Forex A2 size, Dibold A3 size, Forex A3 size